Labour's promises to pensioners

Labour has set out its promises to pensioners in more detail - after the Tories' chose to ignore the biggest issue affecting older people in their manifesto; the social care crisis.

Our polices will restore dignity and support for older people living in Britain.

They include plans to:

  • Introduce free personal care and invest £10.8 billion in social care provision
  • Keep the free bus pass for older people
  • Restore 3,000 bus routes that have been cut under the Tories and give councils the powers to regulate services again
  • Stop the Tories taking free TV licences from over-75s
  • Compensate the nearly four million women that lost out unfairly when the change in the state pension age was changed without fair notice
  • Invest in Warm Homes for All with insulation for every home
  • End the injustice of the state skimming 50% off the mineworkers’ pensions schemes

The Conservatives have cut £8 billion from social care since 2010 – and have not allocated one penny extra to social care in their manifesto.

According to Age UK, 1.5 million older people are not getting the care they need.

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